Re: [CCC] Live debate: should we ban cars from city centres?

Tony Raven

Helsinki and Finland have been ahead for years.   There's a good cycle network - we used to cycle virtually all the way (about 5 miles) into the city through a wooded park - and public transport network.   Public transport has been at the forefront for years so even before smartphones you could get the imminent arrival of the bus at the local bus stop texted to you so you only needed to pop out into the cold at the last minute rather than standing freezing at the bus stop.  It doesn't surprise me that they are heading this way at all although Helsinki has nothing close to the traffic problems of London and British cities.

As a first step for London though I would like to see a cultural reversal of dominance.   At present motor vehicles own the roads and you see pedestrians waiting nervously at the pavement edge before scuttling across in a gap to get out of the road before the next vehicle comes along.   Yesterday trying to cross Piccadilly, even though the traffic was queued and had nowhere to go it insisted on blocking the crossing points so pedestrians had to thread their way through the gaps.   If we could reverse that so motor vehicles are guests into our space rather than we unwelcome intruders in theirs it would be a big improvement even without a ban.


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There is something at this link

under the heading 

Environmental impact of road traffic

Road traffic causes environmental hazards

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I cant find anything on
about their announcement – I was wondering if it is because of pollution, which they do mention, or congestion
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Subject: [CCC] Live debate: should we ban cars from city centres?

I've just come across this - live debate now over but very interesting lead from Finland

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