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Tony Raven

I would be very interested if anyone is going to know what those statistics are.  The RIB and Guide Dogs for the Blind have been banging on about this for years. But I have yet to see anything to back up their assertions that the visually impaired are at unusual risk from cyclists not least because the statistics of anyone being hit by a cyclist are so small that the numbers for the visually impaired must be miniscule. 


On 23/06/2014 20:54, Angela Hobsbaum angela.hobsbaum@... [CamdenCyclingCampaign] wrote:
I am forwarding this message. Please go along if you are interested.

Cycling in London is on the increase; as a result, sadly, so are injuries to vision impaired people and their guide dogs.

The Mayor is planning to spend nearly £10 billion on a cycling 'revolution' in London over the next ten years.

With an increasing number of London's guide dog owners reporting to us that they have either been hit or had near misses with cyclists skipping red lights, or not stopping at zebra crossings, we are calling on your support to ask cyclists to take more care as this 'revolution' gets under way, by attending our awareness event.

Date: Wednesday August 27 2014
Time: 08:00
Location: Parliament Square
Event: Can you hear the cyclists coming? Take our blindfold challenge to experience what it might be like to be a vision impaired pedestrian during the busy rush hour.

Invites are being sent to all London MP's, all London Assembly Members, Mayor of London, cycling campaign groups and media.

Statistics showing numbers of vision impaired people affected by the increase in cyclists will be available nearer the time, along with undercover footage of the 'near misses' in a press release.

Register your attendance now to robert.harris@...robert.harris@...> or tweet your attendance using @guidedogslondon #cycleyes

Rob Harris
Guide Dogs London Engagement Manager
Tel: (0118) 983 8867
Mob: 07990 540228

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