Re: [CCC] Lorry-Cycle Safety in a European context

Tony Raven

Getting sensors etc onto lorries is helpful but I personally think misses the main point which is working practices in the industry.   Far better would be to require that HGVs are operating on reasonable schedules using routes suited for HGVs rather than tight schedules that require drivers to rush and use short cuts.  

For the construction industry piece rate practices which encourages drivers to rush to get in another trip should be banned. 

For both the employment of drivers like Dennis Putz (drunk and on the phone when he killied Catriona Patel and with a string of driving offences behind him) and Jaoa Lopes (who had defective eyesight when he killed Eilidh Cairns and again a year later when he killed Nora Gutmann with four serious collisions in between) should not be acceptable and nor is the high rate of offences found on HGVs in spot checks (60 offences in 20 HGVs stopped last week according to reports).   It just smells of an industry in which safety is a low priority for senior management.

  The last two weeks are an exception in that a bus and a coach were involved but normally bus drivers manage to manoeuvre an equally big vehicle around London's streets without causing carnage and I suspect much of that is down to drivers following suitable routes without undue time pressures and organisational culture and practices.

T'other Tony

On 25/11/2013 13:50, Tony wrote:

This interview with Sarah Ludford is worth listening to although I am sure other parties MEPs are working on the same project.

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Subject: [CCC] Police initiative on Cyclists


I'm told the police are targetting a number of junctions across London today (including the Outer Circle), so do take extra care to obey the Highway Code - or risk a telling off or fine.

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